The SEAT Group advocates a corporate compliance culture, binding itself by both domestic and international legislation, and by the internal regulations of the Company and the Volkswagen Group.

Therefore, and because we believe that transparency and trust are essential to the sustainability and long-term success of the Company, the SEAT Group provides its employees, business partners and other interested third parties with its Anti-corruption Guidelines (English version / German version) as well as with the following whistleblowing channels:


This email account is managed by the Analysis Office of SEAT Group, reporting to the Compliance Department, and is an instrument to communicate signs of corruption and other irregularities, infringements or illegal behavior, of principles that inspire our Code of conduct and rules governing SEAT Group.

The Analysis Office will analyze the plausibility of the complaints received and, if they were founded, it would refer them to the competent investigation units to open an investigation.

The Whistleblowing system of SEAT Group is governed, among others, by the principles of fairness, presumption of innocence, proportionality and whistleblowers’ protection.

The information received will be handled ensuring maximum confidentiality.

For questions on operability of this channel you can contact to: +34 900 103 220.

Information about data protection rules: Please be advised that your personal data will be incorporated into a file owned by SEAT, S.A. in order to manage the complaints that you may have filed through the Whistleblowing channel.

Moreover, your data may be shared with Volkswagen AG for management and recording of complaints.

Also be advised that you can exercise your legal rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection to the processing of your data by written request addressed to Autovía A-2, Km. 585, 08760, Martorell, Barcelona or at the following email address:, clearly indicating the right you want to exercise, your name, surname and attaching a copy of your official identity card (ID) or similar document with legally accredits you.


The SEAT Group, as an integrated part of the Volkswagen Group, benefits from the Ombudsman System, through which information related to corruption may be securely reported.
The Ombudsmen (Swedish word for "commissioner" or "representative") of the Volkswagen Group are two independent lawyers who are bound by the oath of professional secrecy to keep strictly anonymous the identity of the informants and treat the data provided in the strictest confidence.
For further information about the Volkswagen Ombudsman System, see the following web pages:

English Version
German Version