• 1973



      Production ends for the emblematic 600 model. Two new models are launched: the 132 saloon to replace the 1500 model, and the 1430 Special 1600 model.


      Construction on SEAT’s R&D facilities, the SEAT Technical Center in Martorell, begins, with the aim to create, develop and manufacture cars, all done in-house.


    • 1974



      The 2,000,000th SEAT car is produced, and company sales rank the company in 8th position amongst European car manufacturers.


      Facilities are purchased in Landaben (Pamplona), and a spare parts centre is built in Martorell.




    • 1975



      The Martorell Technical Center starts operating. The first car conceived there is the 1200 Sport, which is presented this year.



    • 1976



      The 3,000,000th SEAT car is produced: it is a 4-door model of the 127. The 128 model is launched and marketed as "Three Times SEAT", to highlight its sportiness, versatility and design.



    • 1979



      SEAT reinforces its manufacturing capacity by building a specialised plant for the production of gearboxes, gear mechanisms and differentials in El Prat del Llobregat, near Barcelona.


      The SEAT Ritmo is presented: an innovative, multi-purpose vehicle that establishes the guidelines of what the SEAT design pattern will be during the next decade.



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